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Horticulture and street cleaning

Report grass that needs cutting

To report an issue you need to be registered for a My Account. This will save you having to re-enter information and allow you to track the progress of the report. 

We have the responsibility to maintain the grass on land that is owned by the Council.

16 grass cuts are carried out every year. 14 of which are on a fortnightly basis during high season - March to October. The remaining 2 cuts take place during the winter months, when weather conditions allow.

Grass cutting may sometimes have to be postponed due to adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, frost or drought.

Most grass is maintained at a height of 4-8cm, using both pedestrian and ride on mowers.

Due to the cost and environmental factors, the cuttings are disposed of evenly across the site. However, footpaths and hard surfaces are cleared of grass cuttings after mowing.

Report grass that needs cutting by using the button below. You will be asked to sign up for, or sign in to, your account before completing the form. 

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