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Report fly-posting

To report an issue you need to be registered for a My Account. This will save you having to re-enter information and allow you to track the progress of the report. 

Fly-posting is displaying material such as posters and advertising, without permission, on public highways or public spaces. Fly-posting spoils the environment and contributes to street litter.

We have the responsibility to deal with any fly-posting on Council owned land, public places and the Highway.

Report any cases online by using the button below. You will be asked to sign up for, or sign in to, your account before completing the form. 

What we can do and how we reduce incidents of fly posting

Fly-posting on any other land, for example housing associations, is the responsibility of the landowner, for example, Abri, and needs to be reported directly to them.

When unauthorised fly-posting is reported, we will ask the person responsible to remove the signs. If this is not done, we will remove the material ourselves and can recover any costs in doing so.

As well as removing fly-posting, we can take action against the people responsible. We have powers to prosecute both the people putting up the material and the businesses being advertised. This can result in a fixed penalty notice.

Report fly-posting

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