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Report an accumulation of waste

Please do not report missed waste and recycling here.  For missed bin and recycling collections go to: Report a missed bin collection | South Somerset District Council

For problems with waste and recycling collections: Service update – Somerset Waste Partnership

Use this page to get help with a build-up of waste on a nearby property that is:

  • a nuisance
  • likely to encourage rodents
  • likely to present a health risk

Rubbish which may cause a statutory nuisance include items which could cause risk to health or a nuisance to neighbouring properties. For example:

  • An accumulation of refuse sacks containing food waste in your neighbour’s garden which gives rise to unpleasant odours and flies
  • Rotting food or materials which may attract rats or other vermin
  • Rubbish which may provide a habitat for rats and mice

We will not investigate an eyesore, or overgrown gardens.

We have dedicated pages for reporting fly-tipping and litter.

(Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste onto land).

Report accumulation of waste

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